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EMAC Cross Country Sec – Ty Farrer

Eastern Masters XC Championships 2019 being held alongside the Eastern Athletics Association at Keysoe Bedfordshire on Saturday 16th of November. Link to enter is: – 5 year age groups for medals.

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EMAC XC Champs November 2019

Please see letter below from Phillip Lee, EAMA Cross Country Secretary on how EAMA will be selecting runners for next year’s England team.

British and Irish Masters Cross Country International selection 2019

EAMA would like to apologise to all those runners who applied for selection in 2018 in the belief that a strong performance in the Inter Area Cross Country would lead to them being picked for the team. I am afraid that the click on article at the side of the EAMA Cross Country page was incorrect and should not have been there. It was part of a discussion document that was never agreed on. The first line should have had “In the future” added  at the beginning which would have totally changed the meaning. This was missed out by the person  who put the info onto the website. EAMA can only apologise to those who were mislead by this article into believing they were automatically guaranteed selection.

It was very difficult selecting the teams in 2018 due to the fact that not many runners raced against each other. Even in the BMAF events which we use as a guide, in some age groups there were only 2 runners who had competed in them and they were not even in the same race. EAMA therefore had to look at race times in other events which was not satisfactory as the courses and conditions were very varied.

In order to try and get more competition between the runners EAMA are going to put more emphasis on targeted races in 2019. Competing well in the BMAF Cross Country, 5K and 10K races will have greater importance than local races. You will need to do at least 2 out of the 3 events which will give you a better ranking in your age group.

The Cross Country is in Belfast on March 9th,  the 10K is at Blyth, Northumberland on 7th April and the 5K is, as always, in Horwich on June 16th.  EAMA are aware that all these races may mean a great deal of travelling and expense for you, especially as two of the events are in the north, which maybe a problem if you live in the South. The races are also early in the season and form may dip as the season continues.

To try and alleviate these difficulties EAMA are also going to nominate races in the North and South of the country which are later in the season for you to compete in.  This will give EAMA a more up to date form guide and also mean that those of you, who may not have been able to enter some of the BMAF events, an opportunity to compete. EAMA would still have difficulty in selection if you only did the south or north nominated race as you may not have raced against anyone from another region which is why the BMAF events are still a necessity.

Many runners quoted the Performance Guide/ Power of Ten in their applications but it is only a performance guide if you have performed against other applicants on the same date and course. This is what EAMA would like you to do in 2019.

Look out on your Area/EAMA web site for the races that have been targeted for the selection process.

Philip Lee  EAMA Cross Country secretary


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