2019 EAMA XC England Selection forms and instructions

New update from XC Secretary of EAMA

Note from Kim Matthews – EAMA Xc secretary 
I thought it might be useful to just clarify the position regarding the selection criteria and deadline for applications. There have been a number of queries from people asking if they need to enter the EAMA inter area xc challenge on the 28th September. This event was added fairly recently, the reason being hosts for the event stepped in very late on. It was then thought that it might be useful for us when looking at current xc form. However, the inter area challenge will have no more significance than any of the other races already put forward. I have already asked all area Masters secretaries to make this clear on the area websites so I’m hoping this has been done. If you do have anyone else question you about this perhaps you can now explain.
It’s also been pointed out that the xc challenge is being held on 28th, the day after forms need to be in. Please reassure athletes that we will have full results at our meeting, but they can of course always contact yourselves if they wish to have their result added to their individual forms.

The instructions to apply to be on Team England for the next British and Ireland XC Championships are below. You will need to download all the forms and read them carefully. If you have any questions email Ty Farrer at Ty.Farrer@uk.mcd.com.

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