New member registration in OpenTrack is now done by athletes themselves with assistance from membership secretaries and the BMAF User Support team as necessary. Access to OpenTrack is via the MEMBER LOGIN function but if you want more details read the BMAF OpenTrack User Guide£28 for first claim club membership (£16 goes to EA) and £12 for second claim club membership.

Usage of OpenTrack breaks down into the following :

  1.  Access OpenTrack
  2.  Enter Member Details
  3.  Manage area club memberships
  4.  Obtain the area club kit, if you wish to represent the club in inter-area competition
  5.  Read Masters Athletics Magazine
  6.  Enter Competitions

Completing stages 1 and 2 are discussed here :

Access to OpenTrack

To reach OpenTrack:

  • Go to the website:
  • On the BMAF OpenTrack home page, Click Login/Signup on the top right of the page.

For Existing Members:

Existing members who have previously provided their email address :

Enter your email address and password. –  If you have forgotten or don’t know your password, click “Forgot/Need Password?” option and enter your email address.  When you receive the password reset email which is sent to the email address that you have specified (usually within seconds), Click on the link provided which will allow you to choose a password.

Existing members/guest competitors who have not previously provided their email address :

Enter your name, date of birth, gender, area club or OPEN to identify yourself, followed by your email address and click “Check”.  If you are matched with an existing athlete record, you will be then prompted to request a password reset.

Then login as described above.

Other existing members/guest competitors :

Enter your full personal details requested and click “Check”.  If OpenTrack is unsure that it can grant you access to the existing account or you are not sure that this is your account, then it will trigger a request for assistance to your area club membership secretary.

For New members / guest competitors :

Enter your full personal details requested and click “Check”. Assuming that you are not matched with an existing member, then a new athlete record will be created for you which is linked to your email address. You will then be prompted to request a password reset as above.

Then login and complete the remaining elements of your member details as explained below, finishing with payment for the membership subscription.

Send a copy of your passport details to the EMAC Membership Secretary, Michael Hausler at A birth certificate or UK driving licence is an acceptable alternative for British nationals to use for the date of birth check by an area club, but not if you are :

  • An Overseas National,
  • An Open Competitor,
  • You wish to represent the United Kingdom in international competition or,
  • If you think you may in future set a British record

…in which case it will have to be the detail page from your passport.

Enter Member Details

Select “My Account” and click on the words “Review and edit my full details”.   Member details are divided into 5 sections :

  • Section A – General data
  • Section B – Athletics data
  • Section C – Identity data
  • Section D – BMAF area club data
  • Section E – UKA registration data

These five data sections are assigned traffic lights such that any RED ones will prevent you entering a competition and in some instances, so will the amber ones.

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