Road Running

EMAC Road Running Sec – Ty Farrer

EMAC’s Road Runners are predominately – but not exclusively – first claim members of running and athletic clubs in the region with quite a few of the “Track & Field” athletes who take part.

EMAC has a Road Running Championship which takes place annually, based upon WAVA percentages from that year’s nominated races which will usually be a series of four differing distance events in the 5k – half marathon range.  Additionally, we also hold a “Postal Marathon” where members can name their best marathon time of the year and again the winner is based upon the best WAVA percentage.

Because EMAC is an affiliated club of England Athletics and UK Athletics, we are also lucky enough to receive a club entry in the London Marathon each year and the committee decides how to award this place.  For the last few years this has been “by draw” from those members who apply for the place – details of the draw will normally be communicated in the Autumn seeking applications and the lucky winner is selected at the end of December for the race the following April.

In common with the other disciplines, EMAC encourages the road runners to take part in the various international competitions each year (open to all members) and also flags up events based upon a selection process where members generally vie for a place to represent England or Great Britain.  Watch the News items for information about these events.

 EMAC’s Road Running Series 2018 

The 2018 series results were announced at the AGM and the summary is:

  1. Jonathan Haynes, M60, Bishop Stortford RC, 262.74%
  2. Ty Farrer, M40, Huntingdonshire AC, 240.6%
  3. Steve Paul, M55, Eastern Masters AC, 238.22%

EMAC’s Road Running Series 2017

The 2017 series results were announced at the AGM and have been published.   The summary is :

  1.   Steve Hall, M45, Peterborough AC, 233.3%
  2.   Glyn Smith, M70, Cambridge & Coleridge, 230.8%
  3.   Maurice Hemingway, M60, Riverside Runners, 230.4%

EMAC’s Road Running Series 2016

The 2016 series results were announced at the AGM and have been published.   The summary is :

  1.   Malcolm Tuff, M50, Ryston Runners, 247.2%
  2.   Maurice Hemingway, M60, Riverside Runners, 230.9%
  3.   Phil Martin, M35, Bushfield Joggers, 228.9%

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