EMAC AGM : Sunday 12 Feb 2017

Date: 30/12/2016

Please note that it is the intention of the committee to hold the EMAC AGM on Sunday 12 Feb 2017 as soon as possible after the end of competition and prizes at the EMAC Indoor Championships (incorporating South of England/VAC Masters Indoor Championships 2017) being held at the Lee Valley Athletic Centre, Meridian Way, London N9 0AR.

The AGM will receive reports from the Management Committee and a statement of audited accounts.

The AGM will appoint by election the Officers and members of the Management Committee.  Nominations for Officers and members of the Management Committee should be sent to the General Secretary (email to Sec@emac.org.uk), to be received not less than 28 days (28 Jan 2017) before the AGM.  The Chair shall be able to reopen nominations at the AGM if no nominations have been received.

The Agenda for the AGM will be available on request from the General Secretary not less than 14 days before the AGM.  No business other than that on the agenda shall be decided at the AGM.


Maurice Hemingway
Secretary EMAC