EMAC Cross Country Championships

Date: 20/11/2016

A  great day out in good running weather at Keysoe for the EMAC XC Championships which were part of the EAA Championships.

V35M  1st James Sadlier PAC 49:40
V40M  1st Tyrone Farrer Hunts AC 46:57
V40M  2nd Martin Hewetson Bure V AC 48:36
V45M  1st Spencer Goodall CoNAC 44:11
V45M  2nd Steve Hall PAC 48:55
V45M  3rd Gary Finch Bed H 51:44
V45M  4th Calvin Hemmings Bed C 53:43
V45M  5th Matthew Mason Ely R 56:22
V50M  1st Andrew Leach NHRR 43:29
V50M  2nd Stephen Howard Ely R 52:16
V55M  1st Paul Jeggo Springfield S 51:02
V55M  2nd Derek Darnell Hunts AC 57:39
V60M  1st Brian Rogers Ipswich J 24:38
V60M  2nd Jonathan Haynes Bishops S AC 24:54
V65M  1st Tim Newton Ipswich J 27:35
V75M  1st Mike Rosbrook Hadleigh H 35:17
V35W  1st Wendy Perkins PAC 29:04
V45W  1st Anna Folland Bed H 24:39
V45W  2nd Sally Cartwright Bed H 25:05
V50W  1st Maureen McCarthy W Suffolk 25:36
V50W  2nd Christine Anthony W Suffolk 26:28
V50W  3rd Sally Johnson Bed H 30:27
V55W  1st Pauline Stocker Hunts AC 31:59
V60W  1st Nora Haggart Beds H 29:55