EMAC T&F League Final 2016 – Photos

Date: 13/09/2016

Fifty-three pictures taken by Brian Graves of MMKAC at the EMAC T&F League Final at Bedford Sunday 4 Sept 2016.  The results will be published (probably) Thursday late afternoon.

dsc_0295 dsc_0293 dsc_0285 dsc_0283 dsc_0276 dsc_0272 dsc_0270 dsc_0269 dsc_0268 dsc_0265 dsc_0263 dsc_0262 dsc_0256 dsc_0252 dsc_0249 dsc_0248 dsc_0242 dsc_0241 dsc_0236 dsc_0235 dsc_0230 dsc_0229 dsc_0226 dsc_0219 dsc_0209 dsc_0208 dsc_0206 dsc_0205 dsc_0198 dsc_0196 dsc_0185 dsc_0179 dsc_0176 dsc_0174 dsc_0169 dsc_0164 dsc_0157 dsc_0151 dsc_0145 dsc_0144 dsc_0143 dsc_0127 dsc_0126 dsc_0125 dsc_0119 dsc_0118 dsc_0116 dsc_0113 dsc_0111 dsc_0110 dsc_0104 dsc_0103