Fenland 10 – EMAC Road Championship Race

Date: 29/10/2016

Whilst we have a few athletes out enjoying the sunshine in Australia, we have 32 running tomorrow (Sun 30 Oct) in the Fenland 10 (EMAC Road Championship Race). Good luck to all. You don’t have to run in an EMAC vest but it would be good to see some. (I have a dilemma because it’s also a club championship race for my 1st claim and they try to insist we wear their club vest – might have a change half way round!)

We will have age-group medals to hand out tomorrow, but to get one you have to stay for the results to be announced and awarded. I’ll update the championship table later in the week and make it available here.

Please note that whilst there expected to still have entries on the day, you cannot enter the EMAC championship on the day.