New International 10k – Cardiff 11 Sep 2016

Date: 09/09/2016

Three Two EMAC Members Selected  –  Updated

Since this news post originally went out, Maureen McCarthy of EMAC and West Suffolk AC has been added to the team which is great news – sadly for Maureen, she did only get two days notice of selection.

The selection for the trial new event being promoted by Welsh Athletics to bring international masters road running to the UK Home Countries and Ireland event being held in Cardiff on 11 Sept has taken place.  There were 71 athletes who indicated that they could take part offering themselves for selection – six from EMAC.

Congratulations and good luck to three two EMAC members who were selected :

  • Paul Mingay, M55 of Tiptree Road Runners
  • Michael Bridgeland, M55 of Chelmsford Athletic Club
  • Maureen McCarthy, W45 of West Suffolk AC

It was pleasing to see that six EMAC members did seek selection in a seriously contested selection process (athletes best current 10k times) – the only sad fact was that the W65+ age group was not contested.  Representation is in the 10-year are groupings 35-44, 45-54, 55-64, and 65+, Men and Women. In each age group there will be four athletes to run with three to score.