VAC/EMAC Indoors Track & Field Championships are a GO!!! 4th of December 2021 at Lee Valley Athletics Centre

Date: 13/11/2021

Hello all!!

After a very short amount of time to organise our indoors championships this year, it’s finally live on BMAF Opentrack!! Here is the link:

We only found out on the 30th of September that we had gotten a date for 4th of December because there were no other dates available. EMAC and VAC are working on our first joint venture for an indoors championships. Usually, in the past we had to share our date with the BMAF Pentathlon and South of England Masters champs, but this year we have our own date; even though it’s being held in December 2021; it’s actually counted towards the 2022 indoors season!! First competition of the indoors season!! EMAC and VAC members have first priority in entering and you have until 21st of November to enter before the guests from other area masters clubs are allowed to enter!! Entries are capped for the field events because the timetable is very tight for the field events. Overall deadline for entries is Sunday 28th of November!! So get on it now and come join us for our first indoors championships with our friends at VAC!!!

Any questions please email me, Carey Hollick at or Graeme Packman at

We look forward to seeing you in a few weeks time!


Carey Hollick, EMAC Chairperson